Proposed New Consultation Paper By SEBI On Asset Class for Risk-Taking Investors

In a significant move to reshape the investment landscape, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has proposed a new asset class that promises to bridge the gap between Mutual Funds (MFs) and Portfolio Management Services (PMS). This initiative aims to provide investors with a regulated yet flexible investment product that allows greater risk-taking, including the ability to invest in derivatives beyond mere hedging and rebalancing.

Siddhant Bhardwaj

July 16 2024

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November 14 2022

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Siddhant Bhardwaj

September 6 2022

Massive ONDC Expansion Incoming – To Cover Up to A 100 Small Towns By August End

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Siddhant Bhardwaj

August 22 2022

ONDC-NABARD Sponsor Hackathon To Promote Agro-ECommerce Innovation

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Siddhant Bhardwaj

August 15 2022

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August 8 2022

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Siddhant Bhardwaj

August 1 2022

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July 18 2022

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Siddhant Bhardwaj

July 11 2022

What Is The National Data Analytics Platform And Why Is It Important ?

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Siddhant Bhardwaj

July 9 2022