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Explore HTML

<title>HTML Tutorial </title>
<h1> This is a heading </h1>
<p> This is a paragraph. </p>

Web Development

Web development, comprising HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is the cornerstone of every website. Frontend developers heavily rely on these technologies, with HTML forming the structural foundation. Mastering web development opens vast employment opportunities and equips you to create impactful web pages, from simple designs to complex applications.

Web Design

Web design encompasses the visual and user experience aspects of creating websites. It involves the layout, color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetics of a website, aiming to deliver an engaging and intuitive user experience. Effective web design combines creativity with usability to convey information effectively and achieve specific goals.

Explore CSS

body {
h1 {
p {

Explore Python

vara =10;
varb =3;
ifa >b:
   print("a is Greater than b")
elifa <b:
   print("b is Greater than a")
   print("both are equal")


An easy, beginner-friendly server-side programming language, Python is often the first choice for students beginning in their journey of learning coding. Industry uses of python includes backend development, server-side scripting, data science, AI and machine learning. The scope of Python is immense and it is the 2nd most used programming language in the world.


JavaScript is used both in building browser based functionalities to make your webpage dynamic and also in building server-side web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications and server-side scripting. Its scope cannot be understated as it is the most used programming language in the world. The industry requirement of JavaScript programmers is global, unending and increasing every year.

Explore JS

onclick="myFunction()">Click ME! </button>
function myFunction() {
let x = document.getElementById("demo"); x.style.fontSize ="25px";

Explore Java

public class Sum{
int a = 2;
int b = 3;
int c;
System.out.println("Sum of a and b ="+c);


Java is an object-oriented programming language catering to enterprise applications that need to be scalable, easily deployable, and demand high reliability. It is used for developing web applications, and in all Android apps worldwide. It is the 3rd most popular programming language in the world. Despite the similarity in their names, Java and JavaScript are 2 different programming languages.


SQL is the basis for all relational databases worldwide. Whether it be simply storing data or wanting some additional logic to be executed on existing data, SQL provides us with the syntax to build our applications that need data storage. It is used in conjunction with server side languages like Python, JavaScript and Java to execute database logic for users.

Explore SQL

SELECT *FROM Customers
WHERE Country='Mexico';

WHERE State='Maharashtra';

SELECT *FROM Countries
WHERE Continent='Asia';

Our Financial Course Offerings

In addition to our programs on software development, we also offer upskilling opportunities in finance and capital markets through our training opportunities in multiple domains for clearing professional examinations necessary to succeed in financial industry. We provide training for NISM, Mutual Funds, Wealth Management,Financial Planning, PMS, Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets through our esteemed trainer Mr. Sanat Bhardwaj of Bhardwaj Edumotive Consultancy. For more details, click on Edumotive.co.in


Our Finance Training Modules

We offer training in various domains of finance -

  1. We provide training for NISM Modules
  2. We provide training to clear Banking Examinations
  3. We provide training to clear and become proficient in PMS
  4. We also provide Training for Equity Research Solutions
  5. We provide training to enter into and practice in Mutual Funds
  6. We provide Insurance Training Solutions

Career Counselling at WebClass

We also provide career counselling and mentoring for aspiring students and professionals. We understand that the right decisions such as the selection of stream of study can make a tremendous impact on the individual's trajectory through life and career. The important decisions regarding one's career are taken at class 9, class 11 and the beginning of his or her professional career. One can assess and plan as per the strengths and interests of the students. We have engaged professional counsellors who assist students and candidates through a standard scientific process to help them in their career path. For more details, write to us at services@webclass.in


Our Career Counselling Modules

Here are some of our offerings in this domain -

  1. We offer Psychometric Tests
  2. We offer Endurance Tests
  3. We offer Observations & Assessments
  4. We offer Behavioral Traits Identification
  5. We offer SWOT Analysis
  6. We also offer Online One-to-One Interactions

Get Your Own Social Media Marketing Kit

In the current digital landscape, social media marketing is essential for businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Purchasing a social media marketing sales kit from Webclass provides immediate access to tailored resources and strategies to enhance your online presence. With customizable tutorials, analytics, and content creation tools, our kit empowers you to craft engaging campaigns, reach wider audiences, and stay ahead in the competitive market. Maximize your marketing potential and elevate your brand with Webclass. You may contact us more and get started at services@webclass.in


Details Of Our Package

We offer you solutions in 3 standard packages -

  1. Basic - 4 custom videos, 8 expert blogs, and 8 branded stickers to elevate your online presence
  2. Standard - 6 custom videos, 12 expert blogs, and 12 branded stickers to elevate your online presence
  3. Premium - 8 custom videos, 16 expert blogs, and 16 branded stickers to elevate your online presence

Placement Support

We provide comprehensive placement support exclusively for students who have undergone training/coaching on our curriculum. Our dedicated team assists students in crafting polished CVs, identifying and mapping their skills, and strategically distributing them among potential recruiters. Our aim is to facilitate opportunities in dynamic sectors such as capital markets, finance, banking, brokerage, mutual funds, and IT companies. With our tailored guidance, students are equipped to thrive in their desired career paths. For more details, please contact us at services@webclass.in


Our Placement Record

Our students have been placed at -

  1. ICICI Mutual Fund
  2. HDFC Securities
  3. AON Insurance
  4. Tata AIG Insurance
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  6. Infosys

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